Virtual Reality is here. Step into the future.

You can’t really explain VR. It’s like trying to explain a television to someone who’s only heard a radio. The term immersion is often used to describe Virtual Reality but it doesn’t get across the scale of the virtual world around you. It’s not like looking at a monitor because everywhere you turn your head, is surreal generated virtual imagery. The only real way to understand how massive the virtual world feels around you is to try it.

The hardest thing to explain is “presence” but you’ll understand when you play. What you are looking at feels real even though you know it isn’t. Pick up an object and hold it in front of your face and your brain perceives it as real. When zombies attack or malfunctioning robots get too close, your fight or flight response will kick in. If this isn’t your thing don’t worry, we also have plenty of fun titles to play and explore.

What is The VR Hub?

TheVRhub is a Virtual Reality Gaming Experience and Party Venue Located in the Zellig Building on Gibb St in Birmingham’s creative quarter, The VR Hub was created as a place where you can come and experience Virtual Reality. It’s a new kind of entertainment that you can enjoy with a group of friends, colleagues or family, without the high upfront costs of buying and maintaining expensive hardware.

We have our team of gaming geeks looking after our rigs and more importantly you. As well as explaining how to use the kit, they all know how to complete the games if you get stuck. They’ll also be looking after your physical safety making sure you don’t attempt to walk through a real wall or hit your friends in the face with a controller.



Single Player

£ 24Hour
  • Single playspace
  • Fully immersive
  • Max 4 people
  • Great for Beginners

Two player

  • Two playspaces
  • Double the Fun
  • Max 8 people
  • Great for Small Groups


  • Four playspaces
  • Competitive
  • Max 16 people
  • Great for parties and events
Accepted Card visa and mastercard

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Tip: The post code will take you into Gibb St where there’s no parking and it’s one way with a long detour to get back, Zellig has open air parking just off Digbeth High St after Floodgate St

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